IMDB has one of the most lightly moderated forum systems on the web, and The Walking Dead board is a fine example. Its trolls get away with virtual atrocities on a daily basis, but hey it’s not all bad – that kind of freedom of speech sure beats the opposite! It also allows us to enjoy a full uncensored soap opera on a daily basis. Right after an episode it can be pretty on topic though, so here are the 10 best immediate reactions to the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Too Far Gone.”


Spoilers for The Walking Dead


1.  Walking Dead IMDB


Yep, The Walking Dead is the kind of show that can leave you cheering for murderous children!


2. Walking Dead IMDB


To be fair she didn’t kill him in the comics either, but many of us were left yearning for that much more epic rivalry.


3. The Walking Dead IMDB


I think we’re all going to be debating this until the show resumes in February, except for this very confidant poster.  Her absence from The Talking Dead tribute is an encouraging sign though.


4. The Walking Dead IMDB


Ah, the classic  “show vs the comics” post, every board needs “that guy.” To be fair, it is often me!


5. The Walking Dead IMDB


Sounds like a challenge! Careful what you wish for . . . .



The Walking Dead IMDB


Again with that Michonne vs The Governor rivalry.  Her look of disgust seemed to indicate that by now she just felt like he was so far beneath her to not be worth it, and in my opinion Lilly was much more deserving of the kill.


7. Walking Dead IMDB


Then how’d you get on to post? It’s true though, the massive traffic from fans hungry to discuss the action crashed the site for a bit immediately following the episode’s air time.


8. Walking Dead IMDB


Now there is a very helpful post! To tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself.


9. Walking Dead IMDB


Here’s the first sign of the board returning to its good old urolagniac self! Let the craziness resume right!? Or maybe that was actually a discarded show idea, the world may never know.


10. urolagniac


Everyone loves Daryl, especially Glenn himself!




The Walking Dead IMDB Negan


What is it with this Negan guy? Just moments after the action begins to die down people are already back on this character crusade!


Thanks IMDB, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us over the hiatus!