Our overall verdict "Great"

Arrow has been hitting all the right marks this season.   For the folks that gave up on the show during the early first season, should really give the show a second chance.   The creators have ramped up the action and the comic cameos.   In just the last eight episodes alone, we’ve seen Profesor Ivo, Black Canary, Amazo, KGBeast, Argus, Bronze Tiger, Brother Blood, Solomon Grundy, the League of Assassins, the Toymaker and hints of Ras Al Ghul appearing soon.   The show has taken a strict, “no super powers” rule for most of its run so far, but that’s about to change very soon.Arrow : "The Scientist" Review

Professor Ivo has found a way to unlock super powers in a individual by using a formula called Miraclo.   (Which happens to be the same thing that gives Hour Man his powers.  I wonder if that proposed Hour Man series will tie into Arrow too.)  Looks like this seasons baddy, Brother Blood wants to recreate that formula and ends up creating our first superpowered villain, Solomon Grundy.  (Well it’s a pre-Solomon Grundy.)   The first showdown between Arrow and Grundy is a tense and harrowing action scene.

Speaking of comic book tie-ins, this episode also introduces us to CSI/ scientist/ intern, Barry Allen aka FLASH.   He’s not exactly the “Flash” yet, but there’s a ton of hints in this episode.   The constant shots of lightning and sounds of thunder.   There’s a scene where Barry is standing next to a bunch of beakers in a lab and gets scared when he hear thunder.   That’s a definite ode to Barry’s origin by getting struck by lightning in the lab in the comics.    Now it seems like Barry won’t be getting his powers like that however.  We’ve been getting little nods to Star Labs and a particle accelerator all season, so I’m betting that’s how Barry will get his powers.

Grant Gustin doesn’t give me confidence that he’ll be a good Flash however.  I grew up with the old Flash TV show.  As cheesy as it was, it’s still my favorite live action superhero show.  I can still hum that theme song too.   John Wesley Snipp was bad ass in the role.   In the suit he looked like he was a superhero, but this guy is just so puny and child-like.  I can’t see him wearing a Flash suit without looking like a fool.   He looks nothing like Barry to me.

Arrow : "The Scientist" Review


This episode is a two-parter.  It’s suppose to lead into a upcoming FLASH TV show.   Let’s hope this one last longer than the original series.   There’s a solid premise here for a TV show.  CSI with superpowers.   That’s as high concept as it can get.   We also got some great touches on Flash backstory too.   Barry’s father seems to have been framed by another “speedster” in the past and might also be the person that killed his mother.   My first guess is Professor Zoom, which alone gets me excited for the FLASH TV show.

So far the creators of this show has been doing a better job with introducing heroes and villains than “Smallville” ever did.   I can’t wait to see that they have in store for the rest of the seasons and beyond.